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22 Best sites that pays for writing articles [Number 14 pays Huge!]

Top sites to get paid writing roles

In today’s technology driven age, do you  know that you can use your writing talents to earn not just a living but generate  some really good money from  writing articles on some authentic websites?


Let’s delve into the list of carefully vetted site you can craft articles, marketing copy, books, and any other content you can deliver based on your niche. These sites are ready to pay you for writing articles on their site.

Tip:You can get many of this content roles from any country even while on your favourite vacation location.. no issues 🤩

Another thing to note before applying for any of these content writing roles is that you need to have an active PayPal or Payoneer account to enable you get payment easily.If you don’t know how to set up a working account on these payment platforms, comment under this post and I’ll help you get one ASAP!! ✅

Here are the best sites that pays for writing articles;

  1. The Writer weekly 

Writers Weekly focuses on ways to make money through contents related to corporate communication or market analysis thesis, etc.

If accepted, they pay $60- 80$ for a 600-word article sent to your PayPal.

2) A List Apart
A List Apart is a site that specializes in web design and its related topics. You can pitch your ideas or submit an article that is written per their style guide.


3) Scotch

Scotch believes in high-quality content that focuses on educating its readers on almost any topic. They prefer writers with demos on CodePen, code academy and other related sectors.If you have any previous writing  samples on these niches , remember to attach same as this will also give you an edge.

Their payment is category-based – up to $150 per article.


4) TakeLessons

Take-Lessons  features articles revolving around music and language. They accept articles within 900-1200 words , and if accepted, you get paid $50.

Additionally, you can conduct classes as an instructor at Take-Lessons as well.

5) The Change Agent 

The Change Agent focuses on articles related to different social justice issues. The magazine feature works of adult education students aka learners. They accept articles of a length of 200-1000 words and pay $50 if it gets accepted.

6) Polygon (Entertainment)

Polygon specializes in content for the video game industry, be it game reviews, opinions, or strategy guides.

They prefer that writers pitch their ideas to them in sketches  before typing out the articles. They pay competitively well  depending upon the word count.


7) WhatCulture 

WhatCulture allows you to write versatile articles revolving around gaming, films, and sports. They also consider video submissions and news articles. Your article must be at least 1500 words long, and if accepted, you will get paid  about £30  (30 euro upwards per article).

8)ListVerse (General knowledge)

Over here,you can earn easily,  if you can write an exciting list on almost any topic, you can earn $100 via PayPal.

They accept only original content and have some strict rules, which you must check before submitting a list pitch.

9) International Living (Lifestyle)

International Living features articles that provide insight into foreign destinations. Their readers want information  focusing on, the cost and the way of living, culture, healthcare, etc. They pay well depending upon the type of content and it word count.

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10) Lies About Parenting (Parenting)

Lies about parenting

Lies About Parenting accepts feature articles that are based on your parenting stories. Also, you can write about parenting techniques, traveling, and advice given by doctors, teachers, etc. You get paid $50 for each of your featured articles on their website.

11) Scary Mommy

You may be thinking.. is this some kind of  horror stories about mothers who beat or discipline their children without mercy?


Not to worry, this is also a site you can submit featured stories just like the other site (lies in parenting),they seem closely knitted together.

The site welcomes articles that has to do with different stages of parenting, from pregnancy to childbirth, to issues to do with raising kids, and more.

12) DigitalOcean Community


DigitalOcean Community has a donations program through which you can contribute articles that talks about upgrades with production systems, and software development, etc.

You get paid around $300 for tutorials along with a contribution to a tech charity.


13) Linode Guides & Tutorials 

This site  requires writers who are experts in the field of Linode and Linux and can contribute tutorials for the same.


You must have a knack for explaining the technicalities clearly and elaborately. If you’re a tech or code enthusiast you should give this a shot!

You get paid up to $350 for every guide you compose.

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14) SitePoint

This site  pays you a hefty sum of $150 for articles and $250 for tutorials but has strict guidelines. They cover topics based on HTML, CSS, and more web development niches, and pay via bank transfer within Australia, PayPal, or SWIFT transfer.

15) The Partially Examined Life (Culture niche)

This is a philosophy podcast and philosophy blog that accepts book reviews, brief posts related to culture and ideas, and philosophy accompanied by commentary.

They do not disclose a payment rate, but you can contact them to ask them.

16) The Diplomat (Current affairs)

Think you’re well in tune with global and current happenings? Consider writing for the Diplomat.

The Diplomat features articles and blog posts related to news analysis and reports of the Asia-Pacific.

However you must inform their editors that you require compensation, following which they will decide the fee they will pay for your write-up.

17) Cracked (Humour)


Cracked is on the lookout for artists and writers with a good sense of creativity and humor who can produce comical articles and images. Although they do not mention the payment, they will pay well, seeing their reputation.  You can try them out.


18) New Scientist (Science)

New Scientist requires content that covers science and technology; for example, the psychology of terrorism and the stories on the latest research.

Their payment is dependent on the number of words you bid for …. and it  will be sent to your address provided it’s valid and Approved.

19) Great Escape Publishing (Travel)

Great escape

Great Escape Publishing accepts content that focuses on jobs that pay you to travel, be it for photography, tourism, writing, etc. Their payment is variable and ranges between $50 and $200 depending on the length and the type of your article.


20) Due

Here, we have  a relevant job site for technical writers, Due offers great assistance in finding gigs related to long-form and well-researched posts.

Although you need to have a good experience in the field of technical writing, however, once you get in, many lucrative offers await you.

21) PubLoft

Just like Upwork, Fiverr and other similar freelancing sites..pubLoft goes beyond providing you with freelance job offers and takes the management of your tasks into its hands.

It finds and manages clients for you so that you can focus on producing quality work without thinking when your next client will be available.

22) Journalism Jobs

As the name implies, Journalism Jobs features journalism and media-related jobs. It’s a full-fledged job site that allows you to find opportunities in the media category as well. You can find jobs ranging from TV and radio journalism to print  media and public relations, etc.


Here are the carefully selected sites that you can pitch your content ideas and get rewarded doing the things you have passion about.

Don’t forget, you must get an active PayPal or Payoneer account to be able to receive your payment no matter the country you’re residing especially if you’re from Africa and other third world regions. Contact us to get an active PayPal or Payoneer account ASAP.

All the best chap!




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