7 locations to visit in Florida for Christmas vacation

Everyone hopes for and looks forward to the chance to take a holiday or leave in order to
escape the burden of everyday life.

Trust me have been there, trying to round up 9-5 work shifts with accumulating work load.. 😫

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Sometimes the everyday pattern we follow becomes too much to bear, and all we want to do is escape to a place of seclusion and rest, recharging for the next stage of our life.

There are some activities that, if done while you are on vacation or leave, will always be
enjoyable, worthwhile, and unforgettable.As a result, you might not want to return to work oro your home.

Seven locations to visit during your Florida Christmas holiday are covered in this article to help you make the most of the vacation.

Before we get into the article, here is a good sector you can get value for your tech skills without breaking your luxury vacation experience


If you believe that this small town on Florida’s west coast is like any other in the state, you need
to think otherwise.

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the Art Center Sarasota, and
several craft exhibits and festivals are just a few of the city’s many art-related attractions and
events that draw tourists and collectors.

But this place doesn’t just have classic art like paintings and sculptures. This waterfront city also values the performing arts, such as ballet, opera, and circus performances.

In Sarasota, the circus has a significant cultural presence.

Before Sarasota was incorporated as a city in 1913, John and Charles Ringling, two of the Ringling
Bros. Circus’ founders, relocated there. Ca’ d’Zan, the old residence of John Ringling, is
currently one of the city’s top attractions.

Naturalists enjoy Sarasota because of its ideal location near Sarasota Bay and the Gulf
of Mexico.

When you’re not taking in the scenery from one of the area’s stunning golf
courses, visit the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Lido Beach, or Myakka River State
Park to see the native flora and fauna.

One of the biggest Mennonite and Amish
communities in the state is located in Sarasota.
I would say that the best time to visit Saratosa is definitely within periods tending to
christmas where the weather is mild and manageable. In such periods, the streets of
Saratosa are usually filled with people attracted to its beauty.

Although prices of hotels and residence could be way too high to afford, including the
airfare rates. In Saratosa, there are a lot of food stuffs to eat and consume.

American cuisine, together with local seafood specialties including octopus, lobster, and shrimp, dominates Sarasota’s eating scene.

You could also tour the different streets of Saratosa by hiring a car or ride the SCAT,
Saratosa Country`s bus service.

Even while SCAT buses provide a variety of useful routes, including those that go to and from Sarasota-Brandenton International Airport
(SRQ), the majority of them don’t run on Sundays, and nighttime service is frequently

While more convenient, rental automobiles cost on average $20 per day.
Although they can be arranged, taxi and ride-sharing services are much more
expensive than bus and rental car services. Although renting a bike is an option, it is not
recommended for lengthy journeys.

There are various places you could move to in
Saratosa. One of which is:Myakka River State Park: Myakka River State Park, which covers 58 square miles of marshes, hammocks, pinelands, and prairies, is one of Florida’s oldest and biggest
state parks.

The region is a great place to enjoy water sports like canoeing, kayaking,
and fishing because it also has a river and two lakes. Or, guests can take one of the
attraction’s world-class airboats on a tour of the lakes.

Seasonally, land-based tours are
also provided.

The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art:

The principal attraction on the property of
The Ringling Museum is the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, which houses
several pieces of art and artifacts from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Ancient
Greece, and Rome, as well as Cypriot antiquities.

Paintings by Velázquez, Rubens, and
Veronese are among the works on display in a number of galleries from John Ringling’s
private collection, who also co-founded Ringling Bros. Circus.

Additionally, casts of
famous artwork from the 20th century, such as Michelangelo’s “David,” are on exhibit in
the museum’s courtyard. Recent visitors claim that everyone will enjoy touring this
museum, from art enthusiasts to fans of architecture and nature.

While the pink
building’s unusual U-shaped form impresses with its Renaissance-inspired front, the
attraction’s art collection offers a variety of classics to gaze.

Travelers also laud the
property’s courtyard and grounds, which have fountains, statues, different kinds of
flowers, and lovely views of Sarasota Bay.

Be sure to bring your camera since visitors
are more than welcome to take pictures of items in the permanent collection as well as
the grounds and outside of the property, even if photography is not allowed in the
museum’s special displays.

When considering a golf trip in Florida, Sarasota may not be the first place that many
visitors picture. However, this city’s championship golf courses are frequently sought
after. Due to its number of excellent golf courses, Sarasota is frequently referred to as
“The Cradle of Golf.”
Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium:

Recent visitors praised the variety of animals and the aquarium’s simple layout as
highlights of their excellent experience.

However, others warn that the area becomes
very crowded in the winter, so plan on leaving early. Others caution that, given the
property’s tiny size, the entrance costs are excessive.

But those who prefer traveling
with animals and families are likely to enjoy exploring this site. In order to enter the
aquarium, visitors are to pay an admission fee.



The largest holiday theme park in the world with more than 100 rides, shows, games,
and attractions is called Santa’s Enchanted Forest.

With more than 500 food stands, I
bet you won’t be lacking different treats to choose from.

It is now located in the Medley area, in the heart of Miami-Dade.There are lots of fun
there like climbing the BC`s tallest and grandest tree house.

With a self-guided row boat
tour, you can paddle through actual beaver ponds. You may also take a nature stroll
along a boardwalk through a verdant forest.

The number of visitors that troop into the
place from yearly statistics is very outrageous.


Christmas market

The favorite christmas market in Florida is located close to Fort Myers off Florida’s Gulf coast.
This island has a slightly off kilter and almost magical feel.

There are lots of nice restaurants
where you could eat fresh sea foods.

There are several fantastic eateries in Captiva with
waterfront outdoor dining.

It is also said that Captiva island has a giant frog probably from

The entertainment on Captiva Island is like no other. Countless kilometers of
immaculate white sand beaches await you, just offshore, where dolphins splash in the water and
pelicans dive for fish.I won’t let out the beautiful and charming shopping centers it has to offer.

The Shops are very captivating. There’s no excuse not to shop in any favorite boutique.
Captiva island is known for their pristine sands and abundant shells.


This is arguably the best place for Christmas in Florida. Pensacola is the ideal location
for a Christmas holiday in Florida.

It seems intriguing to be in the ideal location with
snow all around, sipping a hot chocolate shake, and watching the entire town celebrate
Christmas from a charming café.

However, you are good to go if you are in the midst of
a lively town.

Can you picture spending Christmas simply taking a lovely stroll on a white sand beach
or surfing at Santa Parade? Pensacola Winterfest is a joyful event with mild, pleasant
Christmas songs, music, and strolling around Santa’s Lego Workshop.


Walt disney is usually open during the christmas era. Although the fees could be high,
but i’m sure you don’t want to miss Mickey`s christmas celebration in Disney world. I will
say that this is a marvelous dreamland for kids. It is a great place to keep a long lasting

You could also be entertained with live music shows and lots of movie night


Consider booking a stay at one of these lovely inns, hotels, or bed & breakfasts for a
romantic getaway to St. Augustine, Florida. They all include attentive service, charming
historic architecture, and opulent amenities.

For added romance and relaxation, pick
among homes that provide spas, whirlpool tubs, fireplaces, and private balconies.

Take  a romantic stroll around the streets of old St. Augustine after a filling breakfast to start

the day.

Here are some of the outstanding areas for couples date or fun:
St. Georg Inn: Being well centralized in the area of St, Augustine, this Inn is In close
proximity to nearby attractions, the St. George Inn is situated along a road that is only
for pedestrians.

There are several rooms and suites on the site, and many of them have
balconies, rocking chairs, or views of the City Gate.
Others are:
✅The Kenwood Inn,

✅Casa De Solana,

Hemingway House Bed and Breakfast and lot more.


Florida’s Tallahassee is a wonderful place to spend the holidays. It is also among Florida’s most
reasonably priced locations, making it possible to visit without breaking the bank. The town is all
lit up in December, and the atmosphere is vivacious and bright.

There is no better way to spend a December evening than sipping a hot chocolate while seeing
Christmas lights.

Searching for the home with the most festive decorations while driving about
always puts me in the holiday spirit.

This is a list of the top light shows in Tallahassee, though
you can drive around any area and you’ll see some beautiful lights, so be sure to check it out.
You could also stroll through the Cascades Park.

You can sample a complimentary hot
chocolate shake along the journey, which is provided to all visitors.

You can also enjoy the Evening
by taking a stroll down Candy Cane Lane or joining a group to sing Jingle Bell Run.


So there you have it, 7 location to spend Christmas vacation in Florida.

Which location did we miss out? Let’s know in comments.

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